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About Us

Peter Thorpe

When you deal with our company, you generally deal directly with the owner of the business, Peter Thorpe. Peter is not a computer boffin who wants to impress you with his knowledge of technology. He's a practical, no-nonsense marketing man with over 20 years experience in online marketing.

The former CEO of Sharp Corporation of Australia, Peter has a solid business background, combined with an extensive knowledge of the Internet. This unusual combination of skills, means he doesn't just look at a project through the eyes of a designer or programmer. He's able to apply a range of skills that focus on the end result. In other words - your bottom line! This results in websites and online marketing solutions that really work.

Peter created his first website back in 1996, near the start of the internet boom. Since then, his company has helped hundreds of businesses, both large and small, with their online marketing. They now have an impressive list of over 300 clients. These range from small businesses to large blue chip companies.

With his strong marketing background, Peter realised very early that you need more than just a great looking website to succeed on the internet. You need to carefully plan your online strategy and most importantly, you need to understand the medium — what works and what doesn't! You also need to get visitors to your site. Peter is a recognised expert on search engine marketing and author of the book Search Engine Secrets.

If you're serious about doing business online, talk to us. We'll be happy to discuss your needs and give you an obligation free quote.